Each horse at Meredith Park is assessed on its merit and handled according to what each individual requires. As a starting point, we typically map out a 6 week breaking-in programme that includes:

  • being boxed or in acres spelling yards with shelters (varying from 1/3 acre to 2 acres depending upon the horse)
  • rugged
  • place on horse walker daily,
  • worked in round yard and arena
  • when ready, ridden out onto the sand tracks through the forest which surround the farm
  • regular updates (phone/email/photos/videos) to owners/trainers as the yearling’s progress (we are just 1.5 hrs. south from Sydney in the Southern Highlands)

Our breaking-in programme is supported by our feed regime which ensures the yearlings are delivered the necessary nutrients to maintain them through this period of change and continued bone and muscle growth. We dont cut costs when it comes to feeding and while we are always refining our feeding plans, for several years now we have leaned towards a base feed mix supplied by Horsepower. We are blessed with good rainfall in the Southern Highlands but no matter the pasture levels, all horses in work and spelling receive their roughage requirement in quality lucerne hay.

We also are more than happy to change horses to feed products that trainers or clients prefer.

We have found this overall programme to be successful in educating yearlings to be composed and confident in themselves as they embark on their racing careers.

We have kept our rates around the same level over the last 2 years in an attempt to remain competitive, but still provide the full care and attention that each horse needs.

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Susan Woodcock., Farm Manager:

0414 800 224

Email: meredithpark@bigpond.com
Website: www.meredithpark.com

Meredith Park, Berrima NSW

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